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Assign variables in python

To use a variable, you need to assign a value to the variable. The variable assignments in python can be done at the same time or after you declare variables in python. You can assign a different value to a defined variable, or you can assign a variable to another. Let’s learn how to assign variables in python after this lesson.

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Character code of python

In the current python version, python processes the python program archive file with default that the file is already written in UTF-8 charset, so if the python file is written with a non-UTF-8 character code, It is necessary to specify which Character code of python is used to avoid a decoding error when running the program. This article is especially useful for you to use computers with operating systems installed in non-English languages ​​such as Japanese, Hebrew, Korean, Chinese …

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Iteractive mode in python

Instructions for using interactive mode in python. You will learn the fastest way to run python code using interactive mode, as well as interactive mode operations such as starting interactive mode , ending interactive mode, or clearing the screen in Python later. this lesson. In python there is a mode called interactive mode that allows us to quickly execute an input command and immediately bring the result to the screen without having to save the program file.

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